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We’re an innovation company, dedicated to helping organizations generate new value by making the potential, possible. At the heart of our company is a simple yet compelling truth: that given the right tools,every one can be a producer of transformational innovation. These tools form the core of our method,Systematic Inventive Thinking.

Back in 1995, we conducted our first innovation project with Philips Consumer Electronics in Holland, a process resulting in a breakthrough range of slim-line DVD players. For us, the breakthrough was the realization that for many content experts, the biggest barrier to innovation was their own cognitive fixedness – and that SIT tools were able to circumvent this. Over the years we have been continuously fascinated by SIT’s diverse applicability – from revitalizing a product line or business model to reducing manufacturing costs or solving complex technological problems. No less diverse are the people using it - from advertising executives to scientists, middle managers to C-Level executives. For organizations innovating from bottom up or top down, we discovered, innovating systematically makes a tangible difference.

It didn’t take long until companies began asking us to teach their managers how to innovate independently and SIT innovation training programs were born. Today, ‘teaching how to innovate’ is a key part of our ethos. We’re proud to be a part of the curriculum in many universities and business schools, and to have qualified thousands of innovation coaches, who play an active role fostering innovation across their organizations.

As a learning-focused company, SIT has consistently channeled the ‘big data’ from our extensive and multi-cultural innovation engagements into broadening the ways we can help our clients innovate. 

So, today, whether you’re a brand manager in the US looking to refresh your product pipeline or a Colombian municipality interested in becoming an innovation hub, or an HR Director in India wishing to enhance your innovation culture, SIT can advise you how to achieve success.

We live in an age of tremendous innovation and opportunity – and with our suitcases and passports always at the ready, we’re delighted to play our part. Enjoy your visit to our site, and we look forward to meeting you soon.

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