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Introduction to our method and the book Inside the Box:
A Proven System of Creativity for Breakthrough Results

Five elements make up our method, which we call the SIT Innovation Map. Each element supports the others, so that when they are all working together, they pull your organization smoothly in the right direction. Our expertise in integrating them is what makes the method so effective in supporting you in your journey to becoming a truly innovative organization.


Your first encounter will be SIT’s five unique Thinking Tools, i.e. structured thinking procedures. These tools are the core of the SIT method, and were developed through rigorous research, studying thousands of patents and inventive solutions. Our practical innovation tool box enables you to follow successful thinking patterns that lead to inventive ideas. You’ll acquire hands-on tools that can be used independently and sustainably.



Since the tools can only work if used properly, the second junction brings you to the SIT Principles, designed to guide you to apply the tools effectively. The principles help overcome cognitive barriers and mental blocks that undermine creative processes. Applying the tools and principles proactively, help companies break their fixed thinking about their business and lead to innovative, yet practical, ideas.


While the SIT tools and principles can be applied by any one, companies truly capitalize on their impact when they’re applied in a team setting. Your next stop on the SIT journey is at Facilitation Skills, where we have devised, borrowed and honed a range of skills that assist you in dealing with various situations and resistances that you may encounter while innovating as a team. These techniques help facilitators make the process truly interactive (and fun!), and ensure that groups manage to work together in a focused, and therefore more effective, manner.


Coming up with new ideas is definitely the more exciting aspect of innovation, and brings with it a lot of enthusiasm and motivation. Yet often these feelings wear off gradually once routine processes of implementation kick in. In order to ensure that ideas are not only generated but actually implemented, next SIT introduces you to its methods for Project Management, to make sure you don’t go off track when things tend to tone down. These include a collection of processes and techniques that lead desirable ideas on an accountable and structured track until they reach fruition.


Innovation projects are important, but as everyone knows, no single innovation can deliver lasting advantages. In order to grow organically a company must encourage innovation and creative thinking systematically and continually. SIT combines its method and its 16 years of global experience in more than 850 companies to help you structure your organization's innovation process. This includes the activities and processes so that:

  1. Your people will acquire the ability to think innovatively on a routine basis: innovative outcomes will be generated and executed
  2. Structures will be put in place to support and sustain the innovation culture and practice
  3. Although the last stop with SIT, it’s your organization’s first one on its way to self-sustaining innovation independence

“ There are two particular things that hold my attention about the SIT methodology – it is different from everything I have ever seen (and I tend to like different angles), and it is grounded on models and algorithms of thinking, validated academically, and replicable. We no longer have to wait for some spontaneous breakthrough… Innovation can be systematic, planned and depended upon, when we need and where we need it, on demand.”

Andre de Barros Teixera, VP International R&D, Campbell's Soup

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