Bartosz Stawski


Bartosz is the SIT representative in Poland and is dedicated to making innovation one of the main drivers for continuous growth in his home country. He is focused on bringing the benefits of SIT to Poland by giving people the tools and support for them to innovatively address their issues and challenges as they arise.

Bartosz has a long experience in facilitating the use of various thinking tools both in business and non-profit organizations. He began his career working for international corporations in the area of organizational development. In 2002 he moved to consulting, working as a Partner in a Theory of Constraints consulting company and delivered projects in Poland and other Central European countries. Later he worked independently as a Thinking Tools facilitator, lecturer and consultant.

He holds an MA degree in Practical Rhetoric and Communication from Linguistics Department of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, and continued with further training in England, Sweden and Czech Republic. He is a modernist architecture and classical music lover, and active in Saab Car Owners Community. In his free time, when not playing with his two kids and cat, he tries to spend as much time as possible on a bicycle.

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