Daphna Murvitz


Daphna is SIT representitive in Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam and Founder and CEO of D.M.I.A. – Development Making in Asia, a Bangkok based new company matching and adapting Israeli technologies and Innovative Methodologies to the Region, targeting business and economic growth of Asian Corporates, SME'S and NGO's. Until recently, Daphna was the CEO of Israel Venture Network – IVN, Israel's first Venture Philanthropy and Impact Investment Group. Throughout its 12 years since establishment, IVN initiated, nurtured and invested in numerous innovative economic development projects and social ventures , lately establishing Tandem – the first impact Investment Fund in Israel. Before joining the non-profit sector, Daphna was the Director of Global Operations at Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., Business Manager and Human Resource and Operations executive in different global companies such, Flying Cargo-Fedex, Strauss Group, and served as a Consul (consular affairs and Administration) at the Israeli Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. Daphna has also worked as a commercial lawyer in leading law firms in Israel. Daphna holds LLB and BA degrees, studied numerous MBA courses, is a qualified trained Coach, gained a Mediator Diploma, Corporate Directors Diploma, and was a Fellow in the prestigious Public Policy program for Policy Shapers at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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