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Jacob Bichel Kutschenko is an Innovation Facilitator and Marketing Analyst on the SIT Team. Currently, he is involved in working international financial security company on an ongoing organizational innovation project with strong cultural change ramifications with dual top down and bottom up processes concurrently. His also contributes on the SIT Team in Business Development and the use of design as a strategy tool in our work clients as well as his technical and programming expertise. Jacob is a deep believer in applying a multidisciplinary approach in his work.


He has a B.A in Psychology and M.A in Psychoanalysis with Magna Cum Laude in both. In Brazil, he worked as a Clinical Psychologist with children, helping them to cope with grief, using cognitive concepts. At the same time, he worked with a financial Business Consultancy, turning around loss-making companies. He studied Neurosciences at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, completing his thesis on the neuroeconomics in 2012, and completed his M.B.A at Tel Aviv University this year (2014).


Jacob is Black Belt in Aikido and loves listening to jazz and playing 5 min bullet chess. He is also fluent in five and half languages including Aramaic.


Jacob has shown three remarkable features that we admire: the courage to leave the comfort zone and challenge the status quo, a high level of technical competence and helpfulness demonstrated steadily in his teamwork // Luis Henrique Motta - Innovation & Order to Cash Manager - Brinks

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