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After leaving Cambridge University, Grant embarked upon a career in Advertising as a planner with Lowe and WCRS, and decided to follow his passion for ideas, people and creative problem solving by joining the SIT team.
Naturally he handled many of the marketing communication projects, and was privileged to work with many agency teams and marketers in the rapidly emerging markets of Eastern Europe, India and Kazakhstan.
Marketing communications and branding often play a crucial role in innovation projects, so Grant’s expertise is well sought after. He has worked on innovation projects with great organizations such as Bayer, Heinz, BP, Kraft, Grupo Bolivar and Unilever – on such diverse challenges as asset utilization, new product development, manufacturing productivity, brand strategy and business process innovation.
When he isn't at work or playing his Taylor guitar, Grant can be found with his travelling band of dancers, artists and musicians – otherwise known as the Harris family.
Grant has an MA Cantab in Oriental Studies from Cambridge University and is not planning on doing an MBA anytime soon.


I think highly of Grant's ability to work within the constraints of the client while still bringing the strength of SIT. Grant has got a great ability to say – here's what we've got to work with, and make it happen. He is articulate and really cares about the impact and outcome of his work// Rachel Audigé, Brand & Marketing Excellence Manager, Innovation Lead, Bayer CropScience
People are drawn to listen to Grant when he facilitates. He carefully coaxes a group to bring a result. He’s very approachable. Grant works well with our internal SIT coaches, always offering steady fast advice. Grant has left an impact on how we approach marketing. Marketing and values are rather soft, and he has helped a great deal to provide a way forward through what can be a difficult course. He’s opened us to newer way of working // John Hurrell, Sustainable Development Manager, Bayer SAS, Environmental Science Division
Grant had a really good way of bringing people back together to follow the process, especially when naysayers would pop up. He was able to get people to believe in the process and see where it went // Joshua K. Schwannecke, Supervisor-Advanced Technology Research, Amway
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