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Svend Körting is a coach and a strategist who helps people and organizations to accomplish their life's mission in a more sustainable way: purpose, people, profit, planet. Through the combination of empowerment and innovation he has helped companies from various countries and sectors to achieve highly sustainable outcomes: 


Alpina Productos Alimenticios S.A in Colombia improved substantially its level of service with the Innovative Emergency Plan, incrementing its market share and sales. Also Alpina (Colombia and Ecuador), accomplished an important annual revenue increase with the Sustainability awareness and innovation Program which reduced the consumption of chemical supplies and natural resources, increased the production and reduced the plastic waste generationDival S.A in Colombia increased its sales significantly with the Stimulation Sales Force ProgramDirectv Colombia, Hewlett Packard Colombia and Las Puertas del Cielo Colombia communicated successfully their environmentally sustainable brand attributes to their audiences with native tree planting campaigns to restore endangered native forest. Local Panamanian food outlets El Asador and Los Años Locos increased its revenues with the Sustainability Leadership Program. As a part of this Program these restaurants also defined their sustainability visiongoals and strategic routeBreweries Baru – Panamá (Heineken) reduced its severe absence of staff with the empowerment program: Héroes Baru – Panamá, improving production indicators.


Svend is an entrepreneur and a biologist that loves nature and adventure. He enjoys hiking, camping, surfing and reading.  ​

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