SIT Gateway is an initiative designed to create business opportunities by connecting budding technologies with SIT's international business network.  After years of ad hoc connections within our network, SIT formalized these activities into our Gateway offering. Gateway's mission is to import and export technologies to and within our network. Insight into our clients’ needs is an important by-product of our strategic innovation work with them, which makes us uniquely suited for such a task.


In many respects, Gateway supplements SIT's distinctive "Inventing Inside the Box" approach by helping establish Open Innovation cooperations for mutually beneficial enterprises. We have found that linking truly innovative companies almost always results in a fruitful synergy.
Scanning our broad network across industries has resulted in both obvious and non-intuitive collaborations.

A few examples:

  • Introducing Vaccinex, a New York-based drug delivery firm, to Teva Headquarters in Israel who invested to-date $25MM in the company.
  • Securing a multi-million dollar investment from a VC for an Israeli start-up company
  • Locating a manufacturing site in NY State for Strauss-Elite, Israel’s second largest dairy manufacturer
  • Ongoing scouting for new Israeli technologies that can be relevant for Procter & Gamble, according to an ever-updated list of their priorities

The main services that Gateway provides:

  1. Israel Landscaping – providing an overview of a particular industry in Israel, including technologies currently in incubators, the university system, start-ups, and large local companies
  2. Profiling – providing hard-to-access information about a specific company
  3. Collaboration agreements between large or small companies

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