Organizational Innovation


Realize the innovation potential in your organization. SIT helps your organization develop and own lasting innovation capabilities that can be easily accessed whenever needed.

What you need

A lasting culture and practice of innovation requires a structured approach that: promotes creativeidea generationandimplementation;assists in fine tuning andadapting theorganizational structuresthat support a culture of innovation; andfacilitates the acquisition ofnewskills.


“Our profitability has increased sharply, our brand name is strong in our market and associated with innovation, our customers like and respect us, and a couple of patent attorneys have gotten much richer - all as a result of the SIT process in Kapro”

Paul Stiner, Managing Director, Kapro Industries


What we offer

This much is well known: SIT brings something new to the table - a drastically different approach to innovative thinking. Combining our rich experience in innovation and our unique set of thinking tools, SIT facilitates the organizational innovation effort to ensure its success. Programs address:

  • Innovations– Relying on your internal resources (technology, people, business capabilities, etc.) and the SIT method, we help yougenerate marketable, feasible ideas and launch innovations.
  • Innovation Skills– Using SIT's thinking tools and structured thinking procedures to help your people learnhow togenerate and manage inventive solutions and ideas on-demand.
  • Innovation Support Structures– Combining the SIT method, our experience and your existing structures, will allow your organization bothstimulate and support the innovation effort. We help you find the balance between structures that are flexible enough to meet the organization's ever changing needs yet rigid enough to promote the innovation effort.

All relevantmodules and activitiesinclude a mix oftop-down and bottom-up hands-on workaimed at helping your people tackle both day-to-day assignments and special projects creatively.

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