Problem Solving


The Results: What You Can Expect

  • Novel ways to think about the problem
  • The discovery of completely new directions in which to search for the solution
  • A list of solutions which – together or separately – make sure that the problem does not persist to bother you
  • An action plan for testing and implementing the solutions
  • You may very well solve all aspects of the problem

SIT's value comes from the creativity and the level of innovation they are able to effectively inject into typical problem framing and solving techniques. Our Shell team allowed themselves to be aggressively challenged & questioned by the SIT facilitators opening up new solutions and approaches. Even though you didn’t know what was next, we had no problems getting the Shell team to return and ‘dial-up’ the energy and participation level. The technical results speak for themselves!

Tom Moroney, Manager - Technology Deployment & Geosciences, SEPCo, Upstream Americas - Deepwater

SIT's Problem Solving (PS) approach is used to tackle problems in a wide range of areas, including technological and technical problems in high-tech and low-tech industries, marketing and strategy challenges, and process inefficiencies. By setting clear goals and objectives, and working on a well-defined time table, you can rest assured that the problem will not continue festering after we are done.

Here's the short version of how we do it: two SIT facilitators spend several days with your organization, working with a team of 10-12 content experts, most – if not all – from within your organization. They help the group apply both SIT's unique problem-definition process and our tools and principles to solve what is bothering you.


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