The Results: What You Can Expect

After many high impact productivity projects conducted in recent years, we can promise that you will have:

  1. Near term productivity savings of at least 5% above and beyond the savings already identified through more classic productivity methods.
  2. Longer term productivity savings of 10-15% above and beyond the savings already identified through more classic productivity methods.
  3. Productivity that results from looking at your system end-to-end (including procurement, operations, raw & pack, and logistics, etc.), with many of the projects benefiting from integrated aspects of multiple steps in the supplier-to-user process.

"Pre SIT–we had a tendency to do things the way we always did them. SIT opened up the potential for more possibilities. It gave people something to hold on to and guide them step by step to see results. Most importantly, it worked quickly!"

Leigh Ann Thomas, Senior Business Relationship Manager – Information Technology Services, American Water

In order to maintain a competitive edge in today’s market, companies have a dual challenge of constantly creating more value for their customers whilst improving their productivity and cutting costs. While many companies already implement classic productivity methods such as LEAN, Kaizen, and Six Sigma, sometimes these methods alone do not fully achieve one's productivity goals. And that's when it's time for some innovative thinking.

SIT's "Closed World" approach to innovation – utilizing existing resources in surprising ways to break fixedness and create new value – is especially relevant in these cases.  Many black belts find that having SIT as another tool in their “productivity toolbox” helps them achieve their existing productivity initiative targets.

Productivity Graph

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