Amit Mayer

Innovation Facilitator

Amit has been a Facilitator since 2000. Expert at improving innovation processes, Amit is a consummate professional in New Product Development, Problem Solving, MarCom & Advertising.
Amit facilitates all over the world – from Sao Paulo to Singapore, from Minneapolis to New Delhi, from Tel Aviv to New York. His major clients include: Philips; Coca-Cola; Adidas; Johnson & Johnson; Unilever; Campbell; ABN AMRO; The AMA (American Medical Association); Merck.
Amit is founding partner as well as didactic & creative director at Medidactic Ltd. – an Israeli-based e-learning business for healthcare professionals. A leading authority in creativity and didactics, Amit is a graduate in Business & English Literature from Tel Aviv University.
Favorite innovation quotation: "To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong." Joseph Chilton Pearce

Amnon Levav

Innovation Facilitator & Managing Director

※不久前,Amnon成为了Status报纸(阐述管理思考的月刊)的主编。在哪之前,Amnon花费了六年的时间在希伯来大学学习了数学,哲学,认知心理学,语言学 。更早期的时候,Amnon也积累了许多其他有用的经验,在加油站做过技工,做过建筑工人,做过酒店的接待员...其中,最令他感到自豪的还是同未成年犯人们一起做义工的那段时间。他相信在那段时间里,他学到的关于教练和在严苛的环境条件下激发出潜能的内容比在任何专业的培训课程中学到的都要多。

Andrea Tellez

Office Maintenance SIT Colombia

Andrea joined the Colombia team in October 2011. Since then she has carried out different tasks including the maintenance in the office and the transportation of documents. Andrea has been developing her skills in various areas related to logistics and support.
She is a joyful person, always eager to learn and ready to help whenever she is needed. In the near future, Andrea will begin her training in computer skills, thus becoming a great support for the team in a variety of tasks. Andrea will also take over the preparation of materials for our workshops and projects, and the coordination of hotels and ground transportation.
Mother of two children, Jurani and Nicolás, Andrea bestows her supportive and warm personality in her home and in the office.

  • Spanish

Andres Felipe Carreño

Innovation Facilitator

Andres Felipe is Co-founder and CEO of Cox{Ser} Foundation, which is focused on innovation in the social, educational and productive fields. He worked as a full time professor at Universidad Del Norte, where he helped people to think creatively, and guided others to create, improve and achieve innovative ideas. His skills and sensibility to design new products, services and strategies enabled him to achieve first prize at the competition “Dwells Innovation IT” at 2009 by his design Memory Hook.
Andrés join SIT with the objective to develop and gain experience in his passion; facilitate to generate a culture of innovation within the internal structure of the organizations.
He holds a BA in Industrial Design from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, And a MA in European Design Labs from Instituto Europeo de Diseño in Spain, and is certified in University pedagogy from Universidad Del Norte in Barranquilla.


Andy Izsak

JOSH Program Director

Andy joined SIT to manage the JOSH program - designing SIT's methodology based projects journeys, scouting and hackathons, as a gateway to the Israeli ecosystem. Prior to SIT, she worked a in international strategic consulting firm, connecting Israeli technologies with African governments, working to develop national infrastructure projects. Before joining the private sector, Andy held a position with the Israeli permanent mission to the UN in New York, and served as Captain at the IDF's International Military Cooperation department, after a position at the Prime Minister's office in Jerusalem during her studies.
Andy holds a BA in international relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and an MSc in international business from the University of Buckingham business school in Budapest. She is passionate about geopolitics, sustainable community development, and social entrepreneurship, and is a co-creator of the urban food forest in southern Tel Aviv. She lives in Florentine, and her cat is called Pixel.

Avivit Rosinger

Innovation Facilitator

Avivit is a freelance facilitator with profound experience leading innovation projects in Strategy, New Product Development and Marcom. Her forte is leading senior management through complex, long-term strategic initiatives.
During her tenure as Head of Training, Avivit was instrumental in developing many innovations in our in-house facilitator training programs and pioneered the integration of industrial design into SIT's innovation projects.
Before joining SIT, Avivit was founder and CEO of a design house specializing in internet and multi-media. She holds a BA in Film Studies and Philosophy from Tel-Aviv University and has extensive experience in television and cinema. Besides work, she studies Anthroposophy and biographic consultancy, loves cooking, art and, of course, her three children.

Boaz Capsouto

Innovation Facilitator

Boaz is a seasoned facilitator on SIT's Facilitation and Projects team. He is responsible for planning, facilitating and executing innovation initiatives with clients worldwide. He has partnered with Kraft Foods, Mondelēz international, J&J and MegaFon among others on areas such as Margin Improvement, Strategy, MarCom and Marketing Innovation. He also mentors and supports clients through to implementation and execution of project goals.
Boaz has a passion for making nontrivial connections, challenging assumptions and dealing with uncertainty in day-to-day life. He finds that harnessing this passion to his work, by helping clients create a culture of innovation, is challenging and valuable - on both an organizational and business level - irrespective of whether they are global, multinational, local or non profit.
Before joining SIT, Boaz has worked as an organizational consultant and group facilitator in a broad range of areas including HR, Compliance & Corporate Social Responsibility, insurance, recruitment, water treatment and educational publishing. He is also a keen volunteer and has been involved with NGO programs on safe driving, youth counseling and a rape crisis centre. Boaz has a B.Sc. in Geology and Environmental Science and an MBA (Organizational Behavior & Marketing) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dov Tibi

Innovation Facilitator

Dov is one of SIT's foremost authorities on technological problem solving, earning a reputation for consistently cracking some of our clients' most daunting engineering and technological challenges.
Dov brings his mastery of SIT and IP expertise to bear on a wide range of industries including electronics, energy, mining, medical devices, software and food.
Alongside his work with SIT, Dov works as an Opto-Mechanical System and Reliability engineer in the R&D Department of RAFAEL, Israel. He holds a B.Sc. in mechanical engineering from the Haifa Technion

Edith Gorriti

Project Manager & International Business Development

Edith Gorriti brings over 20 years’ of global experience with multiple clients and projects in a variety of industries to her work as project manager and business development at SIT. She manages the Bayer innovation project involving teams from a selection of business sectors and countries and is involved in developing a network of companies in her native Peru across a variety of sectors such as finance, mining, energy, agro and government sectors.
Edith has also worked in project management in an international security company providing integral security services and solutions for mega events, critical infrastructure and complex security solutions including the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Edith brings a rich global perspective to her work: before moving to Israel, she lived for many years in the USA where she completed her studies in organizational and educational psychology. Her studies led her to become involved in topics of creativity and development both at the individual and organizational level.
Edith is passionate and enthusiastic about psychology, organizational development, and innovation. She is also an avid reader and sports enthusiast. A black belt in karate and long distance runner, Edith applies the discipline and love of sports to all aspects of her life and as a team-player at SIT.

Grant Harris

Innovation Facilitator

※​在剑桥大学毕业之后,Grant便开始同Lowe 公司以及 WCRS公司以规 划师的身份开展广告方面的业务。在这个过程中,他决定追随他的兴趣, 加入SIT并将更多的精力投入到创新想法,人群和有创意的问题解决中。
※​Grant轻而易举地解决了许多市场沟通的项目,被授予了在东欧,印度和咯撒克斯坦迅速新兴的市场上与许多代理团队和市场人员一起合作的特权。​由于市场沟通和品牌化常常会在创新项目中扮演重要的角色,Grant 的专业性常常备受好评。Grant与拜尔,亨氏食品,BP,卡夫,玻利瓦尔集团以及联合利华等许多伟大的组织机构就解决资产利用,新产品开发,提升企业生产力,品牌战略和业务流程创新等不同方面的挑战展开过合作。​
※当Grant不在工作或是在弹奏他的泰勒吉他的时候,他常常会与他最喜欢 的舞者,艺术家以及音乐家,又名 Harris family在一起。

Guzu Shalev

Innovation Facilitator

With 15 years working with the SIT methodology, Guzu is one of SIT's most senior and experienced facilitators.
Specializing in New Product Development, Problem Solving, MarCom and Strategy, Guzu has an accomplished track-record leading projects in the commercial field. He also works with government agencies, the military and non-profit organizations around the world. His clients include BP, Kraft, IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries), Ethicon Endo-Surgery – a Johnson & Johnson company, Comverse, Alcan, and many more.
In addition to his work with SIT, Guzu is a management consultant, experienced in coaching and team building, and in enhancing the quality of service processes in organizations.
Formerly, Guzu was on the consulting team of the Schwartz Program for Management Development at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and former training director of the “Yoseftal Institute”.

Hila Pelles

Innovation Facilitator & CFO

方法论导师和教练,她已经亲自为许多知名公司例如Johnson &
产力和效率。而在Emerson Electric、SAP、 Checkpoint、

Hila Steinitz

Studio and Production & Coordinator of Logistics

Hila Steinitz is on the print and design studio team and also an international coordinator for logistical and technical aspects of projects at SIT. Within these roles, she is a partner in the execution of major production projects and is responsible for the technical aspects of major tenders including locating co-suppliers.
Hila joined SIT after a career in PR and production in the music and TV industries including work as a line producer in local Israel TV productions. She is passionate about design, arts, culinary and fashion matters and has undertaken several business initiatives in these areas including a specialized catering service for private events and a boutique fashion business of hand-made daily women’s wear. She is an avid creator of sustainable artifacts as solutions to everyday life challenges.

Idit Biton

Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer

Idit is a Senior Partner at SIT and serves as Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer. Joining SIT in its early years, she has been strongly involved in the company's growth, management and development into a global innovation company. She combines a passion for innovation with a deep understanding of the challenges facing organizations wanting to adapt their innovation culture.
A talented and skillful facilitator able to lead clients to breakthrough results, Idit has worked on hundreds of innovation projects with leading multinational clients such as Bayer, Coca Cola, SAP, Johnson & Johnson, Kodak, and Nestle, as well as in leading global advertising agencies (McCann-Erickson, BBDO, and others). Previously Managing Director of SIT Israel, she was responsible for developing various specialties such as SIT Ventures, conflict resolution, and market research.
Idit teaches innovation at Bar-Ilan University School of Communication, and is a guest lecturer and keynote speaker at Wharton, INSEAD and international innovation conferences.
Idit has a Bachelors degree in Communications and Political Science, completed her Masters Studies in Mass Communications, and received a diploma in Journalism and Media. Idit's creativity also finds expression in the beautifully imaginative arts & crafts she produces in her home studio.

Iris Leinwand

Innovation Associate and Senior Facilitator

Iris brings a wealth of managerial insight and operational experience from her career with Sanofi, a top-five global pharmaceutical conglomerate.
Since joining the SIT Team, Iris has applied her intimate knowledge of big companies to SIT's long-term innovation projects, particularly in North and South America. She has developed an expertise in handling a multiplicity of concurrent innovation efforts (rather than one-off projects) within a company, and relishes bringing these to successful outcomes.
In the course of her work at SIT, Iris has facilitated Problem Solving, New Product Development and Organizational Innovation workshops with many SIT clients including Kraft, HP, Grupo Bolivar, Tigo Telecommunication, and Bayer Health Care. She has a great talent for languages (five) and utilizes at least four of these - so far - in her facilitating and project work in SIT which extends to Latin America, Europe and the United States. Iris has a BSc. in Pharmaceutical Studies from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and an MBA from Swinburne University, Australia. She spent over ten years in senior managerial and marketing positions with Sanofi both in Israel and at the Paris HQ, heading up the European marketing rheumatology division.

Jaime Samhan Guzmán

Innovation Facilitator

​Jaime's main focus as a part of Colombia´s SIT team (freelance), is to accompany SIT´s clients in the project implementation phase, whilst continuing to further develop his facilitating skills.

Jaime has a BS in Mechanical Engineering , and a specialization in Technology Management , and education in project management according to PMI , he is an integral auditor in different management systems ; quality, environment, safety , occupational health, risk management , and information security.

Through his professional career he has developed expertise as Project Manager for technology transfer processes, the implementation of industrial manufacturing processes for new products, and processes improvement . As part of his role in R &D he promoted and was responsible for intellectual property protection. For many years he was Chief R & D Engineer at a great Colombian company.

Jaime ´s passion for continuous learning is evident in a variety of fields and technologies, such as : finance, organizational management , weapons systems, optronics , nanomaterials, and biotechnology, and particularly in languages he has studied ten languages emphasizing in Spanish, English, French, Hebrew and Arabic, currently he is studying Portuguese.

Jaime is fascinated with innovation issues, nature, photography, and he owns a personal library that contains some unique books among them 50 dictionaries.

Karen Shemer

Innovation Facilitator

​Karen is the Head of Training at SIT as well as senior facilitator for strategic clients. As the Head of Training Karen is required to master all aspects of the SIT method and ensures all facilitators, senior and novice, maximize their potential. To do so, Karen designs and executes costumed, individual training programs for every SIT professional. She also mentors innovation managers in their path to become innovation experts in their organizations.

​Karen is responsible to developing SIT’s most successful and prestigious innovation programs and events, some with in partnership with local sponsors and partners in many countries. As a facilitator in her own right, Karen specializes in New Product Development, Creative Problem Solving, and Marketing Communications. She has conducted numerous innovation projects, lectures and workshops. In her resume you will find: Bayer, Pearson Publishing, Israel Aeronautics Industry and different NGO’s.

​Karen almost qualifies for the title of an ex-Bostonian. Before joining SIT’s team, she has graduated from Emerson College, Boston, with a Masters in Marketing Communications and shortly after joined a Boston start-up where she managed the sales of a web-based lead-generation platform.

Leonora Garber

Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager

Leonora is the Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager at SIT. Before joining the company, she worked in several high-tech start-ups and an international corporation. In her position at Teradata, she was in charge of international market research and also handled the company’s blog.

She holds a B.A in Business from Durham University in England and it comes as no surprise that Leonora is an ardent tracker of the latest digital trends. But she also makes time for following art, acting, music, and travelling to exotic and historical places – as well as occasionally going back to her native Kazakhstan.

Liat Tavor

Business Intelligence and Client Relations Manager

Liat has a dual role at SIT - Business Intelligence, and Client Relations Manager. She assists Operations by extracting and analyzing business data. This ties with her overseeing and improvement of the CRM system; she is also responsible for supporting users of the system. Prior to joining SIT, Liat managed alliances and marketing for several years as a CMO assistant and obtained a BA in Social Sciences from Tel Aviv University.

Margalit Kluger

Knowledge Manager

Margalit is SIT’s Knowledge Manager. In her role as KM, Margalit is in charge of collecting, developing, and sharing knowledge generated in SIT, including internal learning regarding the SIT method, as well as trends and information regarding innovation and various associated fields and areas of activity globally. The KM role requires Margalit to have an in-depth understanding of innovation and the SIT method and practice.

Margalit is also part of the SIT long term client program, designed to monitor and provide ongoing value to our clients everywhere.

Margalit has a B.A. in Psychology and Business management from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She is currently also on the MBA in Business management program there, majoring in organizational behavior and marketing as well as working as a teaching assistant in the same department

Mariela Ruiz Moreno

COO SIT Colombia

As COO, SIT Colombia, Mariela Ruiz Moreno is enterprising, focused on the fulfilment of goals and objectives, resourceful with a great spirit for investigation, sense of ownership and good interpersonal relationships.

Mariela is skilled at solving obstacles, loves life, the moon and most of all her family. Her work is mainly focused within the administrative and financial area in SIT Colombia SAS.

She loves going to the movies, either alone or with company. Mariela's idea of perfect relaxation at home is watching romantic and science fiction films. She is married to Luis Alberto. Lina, Angie and Zara are her beautiful daughters.

Martin Rabinowich

Business Development

When you have been at a company for eighteen years from the very start and lived through several websites, and seen the company develop from our modest beginnings, one can’t help being nostalgic. Even so, talking about our modest beginnings now might throw you off the scent: the endearing thing about living and working at SIT is that modesty is still an important value - in our interaction with our clients, although not in our ambitions for them.

It is exciting to be part of a team that has taken a huge global bite from our home base, setting up local ventures and helping companies everywhere to innovate across virtually every business sector, cultural and geographical area on the globe. Mostly my work here over the years has revolved around marketing SIT, first as international marketing manager at the start and then in designing our creative approach to the media and advertising worlds as we have evolved – and a host of other things that are harder to define and categorize.

Prior to joining SIT, I worked in the fields of ergonomics, industrial engineering and organization development in a number of companies including British Steel and Philips and in networking and computer services with Clal Pituah in Israel. I have a Graduate Diploma in Industrial Engineering, M.Sc. in Organizational Development from Sheffield. .

Meira Moisescu

Business Development Manager for Israel

​Meira is both the Business Development Manager for Israel and a facilitator on the SIT team. She has been with SIT for over 13 years and her work has covered a broad span of activity involving both knowledge and account management, design and facilitation.

In her work, Meira has been instrumental in enabling SIT to “walk it’s talk” and to fuse the best elements of design with SIT’s innovation approach. She also helped to create SIT’s first in-house mobile office exhibition aimed at sharing knowledge of display and design elements of our work by juxtaposing these more vividly into our working world.

She studied philosophy, humanities and science and has two kids and two dogs.

Meytal Financer

Project Manager at SIT4

Meytal is project manager on the SIT4 -  social innovation unit at SIT, specializing in education projects.

She has considerable experience in managing social entrepreneurship and was the founder of a program called “Mahar im Etgar” – which provides career consulting for parents of children with disabilities.

In addition to her work in SIT, Meytal is also manager of ‘Career Education’ in "I Decide" (the center for career orientation) and was previously project manager - managing education projects - at Access Israel.

In her work, Meytal strives to inspire and influence the Israel education system to effect change through innovation in their approach and methods of teacher training.

Meytal has BA in Social Behavior, and she is student for MA in Leadership and Management in Education. In her spare time Meytal is an enthusiastic salsa dancer and designs scarves.

Nili Sagir

International Coordinator

Nili is an International Coordinator at SIT. She is directly responsible for administrating and coordinating project logistics. She provides around-the-clock support to team members and clients to ensure the smooth running of every conceivable element of the process. Her challenge is designing trips tailor-made the unique needs of each project. Nili manages travel schedules, arranges transportation and accommodation for SIT personnel, and coordinates all materials and venues.

​With a passion to discover the world and unravel its beauty, Nili worked for many years in the travel industry. She has rich experience delivering professional and creative solutions, designing complex travel paths, coordinating bespoke trips for discerning tourists. She also served as marCom manager in the hotel industry, and was responsible for building marketing plans and managing public relations. She holds a BA in International Relations and French Literature from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Nurit Cohen

Innovation Facilitator

Nurit is VP Strategic Business Developmentand and Senior Facilitator at SIT. She is in charge of SIT’s long term innovation initiatives and projects with Unilever, Nestle, Heinz, Makhteshim Agan Group and other market leading clients. Nurit has rich experience working with a variety of different clients across diverse nationalities, sectors, managerial levels and industries including food, financial services, agro-chemicals and media.

​Prior to her current role, Nurit has served as SIT’s European Innovation Manager based in Zurich and has led many major company-wide innovation projects in the area of New Product Development, Marcom and Organizational and Sales Processes with multinationals such as Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly Clark, Bayer, Pearson Publishing, and many others.

​Nurit has also contributed considerably to the development of innovative and entrepreneurial cultures in the banking and financial sectors, with which she is personally familiar from her work as an economic analyst at the Central Bank of Israel, prior to joining SIT. Along with her professional work, Nurit has also been engaged in ongoing academic activity. She researched creativity with Prof. Jacob Goldenberg, co-pioneer of the SIT approach, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and trained students and teachers in the application of creative tools in many academic and business frameworks.

Nurit Shmilovitz-Vardi

Director "insite"

​Nurit heads SIT "Futures", a venture developing new business models and partnerships based on SIT's IP and accumulated knowledge. Her role is perhaps one of the most 'exploratory' in SIT, covering diverse opportunities in a variety of worlds – social, technological and commercial.

​Nurit has shown considerable versatility in both working choices and life patterns which may well demonstrate her innovative curiosity, flexibility and passion for the new. She worked as an investment manager in a private equity fund, and as an international product manager in a pharmaceutical company. Nurit trained in Dentistry at Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem and worked as a dental surgeon for five years. She has several other notable accomplishments including compiling a data base for a sociological study of women in the WWII and taking a 3-year training program in family and couples' therapy in Tel Aviv University – which comes in handy with her two teenagers.

Ofer El-Gad

Innovation Facilitator

​※Ofer为SIT资深创新咨询顾问,拥有多个行业咨询经验,尤其 擅长于机械、IT、软件领域中的问题解决、新产品研发、服务 改善、战略制定、市场推广服务方面。他长期合作的客户多在制造业、高科技、信息科技领域。
※Ofer有着极强的项目管理和沟通技巧,Ofer同时也为以色列 特拉维夫大学的工程和机械专业资深讲师。
※Ofer合作企业包括微软、色列航空、Comverse、Johnson & Johnson、BASF、Shell、Bayer、Kraft、PricewaterhouseCoopers, Mirs, Tadiran。

Or llan

Innovation Facilitator & Account Manager

​Or Ilan is a lead facilitator and senior trainer in SIT and is a key member of  SIT's operations team in Latin America and Colombia and he is now into his third year working throughout Latin America from Bogota City. This experience has given him endless opportunity to indulge his admiration of different cultures and their creative spirit and a chance to travel and immerse himself in local folklores and values.

Or has worked extensively across a range of industries, helping them innovate and solve a variety of challenges and problems. He is engaged in training others in the SIT methodology and finds great personal reward in doing so.  Or is also an experienced public speaker, bringing his particular brand of humor and insight to audiences on many different topics.

For Or, his work is also a mission to help people to expand their consciousness, awareness and understanding of the world. He is a firm believer that people are on a sacred journey in life that integrates all of what they do. Life, work, love, etc., are all interconnected. Or believes that in order to have creative and innovative people in the work place you need to train people in being able to think freely about themselves and about life. Whilst not an easy task, people who accomplish this will be able to live a creative, happy and fulfilled life. This is one of the reasons why Or is passionate about teaching individuals, he sees a mission in helping people to be an enhanced version of themselves.

Before joining SIT, he was Vice President and Director of Development at Ladaat — an organizational consulting firm. He took a B.A. in Philosophy (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and an M.A in Organizational Consulting (University of Bar Ilan) — graduating in both with honors. In his spare time, Or is a yoga and meditation disciple and teacher and he is helping some brave individuals to accelerate their spiritual evolution. He is a lover of music and a musician that explores exotic instruments.one of those is a most mysterious and spirit lifting instrument. Take a look: "PANArt Hang"

Robyn Taragin-Stern

Account Manager

Robyn Taragin–Stern is an Innovation Strategist, helping her clients create the structure to approach their innovation opportunities. She plays the role of facilitator, coach, and knowledge management, contributing in many capacities over the years. Her clients include AbbVie, Emerson, Nestle, Boeing, The Lookstein Center, and various social organizations and universities.

Robyn has been instrumental in e-learning platforms and is the lead presenter for Insite, SIT's in-house  online school.  She has also developed external online courses through Columbia University and Yeshiva University and co-teaches the Systematic Inventive Thinking 101 class at YU.

As one of SIT's senior content developers, Robyn has contributed to the continuous growth of SIT's written media, authoring numerous articles, blog posts, and cross- industry innovation trend reports.

She has helped to develop many SIT applications including the Innovation Navigator  and Business Model Innovation, turning company IP into practical and useful tools that can be implemented easily and successfully applied.

Shelly Barazani

Financial and Accounting Transactions Manager

Shelly is in charge of maintaining financial and accounting transactions at SIT and she describes her work on the SIT team as extremely refreshing – it's the first time in her professional career that she has branched out to the non-financial sector. Following the completion of her professional qualifications in financial and accounting management, her financial career to date has been exclusively with investment houses and accounting consultancies.

Shelly likes to go to theatre, works out fairly regularly and is always on the lookout for a new craft or hobby to take up or try her hand at. She is also a busy Mom to four kids – all boys.

Shira Benbenishty

In-house Graphic Designer

Shira is SIT’s in-house graphic designer, working both directly on client projects, and in the back office preparing materials for facilitation and marketing. Shira designs in various media including presentations, print materials, websites, and digital tools both off- and on-line. Following the notion that design can have great influence on content, and vice-versa, Shira is inspired by SIT’s original content and works to create the most effective visual forms for it. Shira has a degree in Visual Communication Design from the Holon Institute of Technology

Veronica Rechtszaid

Project Coordinator for SIT's Latin America Team

​Veronica is Project Coordinator for SIT's Latin America Team. She has a wide range of responsibilities from administration and logistics, through to marketing and client management support. She manages all communication between SIT and our Latin American clientele, from finance and expenses through to the design of future work plans.

​She provides ongoing support for her team and ensures the smooth delivery of SITs offering. A native Spanish speaker, she is directly responsible for translating and editing all Spanish written materials, including all coach-training manuals.

​Veronica has a degree in Archaeology and Art History from Tel Aviv University and, not surprisingly,  as a good archaeologist, she loves collecting things, especially papers such as cooking recipes (…but she only collects them). She also attributes her formidable multitasking skills to the fact that she is a mother to little twin girls.

Yael Shor

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

​Yael is the first smiling face you'll see when you walk into SIT. Located at the strategic heart of the office – between the coffee and fax machines – she is the mastermind of SIT's administration as well as its informal "Quality of Life" director. It's in the reception area, that many of SIT’s momentous team and family events are celebrated – births, marriages and holidays and where team members are boisterously welcomed back from faraway places and adventures.

​With a rare combination of Swiss precision and Israeli determination, Yael works tirelessly to ensure our international operation runs smoothly and that our clients receive the right response at the right time.

​Prior to joining SIT, Yael was a Quality of Life team member at Intel and production assistant with a local film company. She's a proud mother of two young girls and is married to a rock drummer who moonlights during the day in a hi-tech company.

Yoav Mimran

Innovation Facilitator

※他现在也是以色列荷兹利亚(IDCInterdisciplinary Center)的研究员及该领域的专业作家。

Yonatan Lvovich


Yonatan is operations manager at SIT. Working with the company management team, he shares responsibility for helping to formulate, developing and implement the company's strategic policies, specifically within the areas of IT, acquisitions and special projects. Yonatan manages the logistics and coordination team and the company's technical interfaces across the various operational areas.
He plays a significant role in long-term planning including initiatives geared toward ensuring operational excellence.
Yonatan has a first degree in computer studies and is qualified by both Microsoft and CISCO in network management and information security. In his previous post, he was in charge of finance, logistics, acquisitions and computerization in a public company.

Yoni Stern

Partner & SVP Business Development

Yoni is a Partner at SIT and SVP Business Development. Since 2001, he has pioneered the strategic development of the SIT approach with multinationals helping them achieve breakthrough results while developing an organizational culture of innovation. He combines a profound academic knowledge of the SIT methodology with a deep insight into how innovation can help to solve corporate issues and problems.
As a senior consultant and facilitator of the SIT method, he has worked virtually everywhere with scores of companies including AXA, Disney, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Intel, Kraft Foods, and Procter & Gamble.
Yoni is a keynote speaker at conferences (ISPIM - International Society for Professional Innovation Managers; PSTC- Pressure Sensitive Tape Council; PDMA - Product Development and Management Association). He also guest lectures at business schools and is adjunct professor at Columbia University, New York, where he co-teaches the MBA course on “Advertising, Branding, and Creativity”.
Yoni has published articles on the application of the SIT method for Biotech, Business Chemistry, Food & Beverages, Paper and Adhesives, and Multi-Cultural Creativity. He holds a B.A. Magna Cum Laude in Psychology and Sociology from Yeshiva University in New York, where he grew up, and an M.A. Magna Cum Laude in Social-Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Bar Ilan University in Israel, where he now lives.

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拥有丰富知名跨国集团的工作经验,与英国金融理学硕士学位,回国后一直从事咨询行业,参与了SIT中华区核心创新项目,服务过众多全球市场领导者,如拜耳、福特、GE、华为、海尔、Haworth 、TCL等,为客户提供创新需求识别、创新人才培养、植入创新解决方案的全线服务。在市场营销创新、产品研发、企业创新战略、人才培养等领域拥有丰富的项目经验。




 集团公司:福特、拜耳、华为、GE、海尔集团、可口可乐、中国银行、TCL、Haworth、TESCO乐购、美敦力、天正电气、华勤通讯技术有限公司、金万年等
 政府机构:中国科技部、中国浦东干部学院、上海浦东新区人民医院、上海市师资培训中心、上海嘉定区教育局等
 院校:中央财经大学、华东理工大学、上海大学等

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        “Tamar与代晓的专业精神令人折服,十分有幸与你们合作” ——HR经理,TCL通讯

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          上海穿云现网络科技有限公司 项目经理
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          曾任德泰矿业集团 总经理

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