Edith Gorriti

Project Manager & International Business Development

And also (or more importantly):

  • Karateka
  • Distance Runner
  • Committed Reader
  • Psychologist

Project Manager & International Business Development

Edith Gorriti brings over 20 years’ of global experience with multiple clients and projects in a variety of industries to her work as project manager and business development at SIT. She manages the Bayer innovation project involving teams from a selection of business sectors and countries and is involved in developing a network of companies in her native Peru across a variety of sectors such as finance, mining, energy, agro and government sectors.
Edith has also worked in project management in an international security company providing integral security services and solutions for mega events, critical infrastructure and complex security solutions including the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Edith brings a rich global perspective to her work: before moving to Israel, she lived for many years in the USA where she completed her studies in organizational and educational psychology. Her studies led her to become involved in topics of creativity and development both at the individual and organizational level.
Edith is passionate and enthusiastic about psychology, organizational development, and innovation. She is also an avid reader and sports enthusiast. A black belt in karate and long distance runner, Edith applies the discipline and love of sports to all aspects of her life and as a team-player at SIT.

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