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Project Manager at SIT4

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Project Manager at SIT4

Meytal is project manager on the SIT4 –  social innovation unit at SIT, specializing in education projects.

She has considerable experience in managing social entrepreneurship and was the founder of a program called “Mahar im Etgar” – which provides career consulting for parents of children with disabilities.

In addition to her work in SIT, Meytal is also manager of ‘Career Education’ in “I Decide” (the center for career orientation) and was previously project manager – managing education projects – at Access Israel.

In her work, Meytal strives to inspire and influence the Israel education system to effect change through innovation in their approach and methods of teacher training.

Meytal has BA in Social Behavior, and she is student for MA in Leadership and Management in Education. In her spare time Meytal is an enthusiastic salsa dancer and designs scarves.

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