Omri Linder

VP Global Business Development

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  • Sailor

VP Global Business Development

​Omri is a senior member of SIT’s Global Business Development team and has been instrumental in developing SIT’s innovation activities in North America and elsewhere. Omri is founder of SIT Gateway, an initiative that assists start-ups in creating alliances with major multinational corporations, VC’s and other investors and provides technology scouting services for enterprises. As part of this venture, Omri has organized several US-Israel missions. Often to be seen at international gatherings and conferences on innovation, Omri’s talent is very evident by the vast network of people and companies he manages to bring together. He has an uncanny way of identifying focal themes and issues for clients where he can assist them in getting value and moving forward. He very openly shares his aptitudes for music, sailing and photography with his fellow team members and sometimes with his clients too.

​In addition to his self-taught skill for foreign language impersonation, Omri also holds a B.A. in Music and Education from the University of Massachusetts, and an M.B.A from the Henley School of Management in the UK.

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