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I have to admit I like pushing myself to paddle hard and get a bit of a workout so it’s nice to track well. However, since you want to go fishing, you will appreciate the extra stability of a wider board. We are going to cruise lakes mostly, but want something reasonably fast and can carry family. The carbon fiber rails are nice, and the board is very well made all the way around. So it’s just a matter of priority, stability, portability or versatility? Do you have a top suggestion between these, or an entirely different board you would recommend? This list will continue to be updated as new boards hit the market – so be sure to check back often for updates. The Atlas, for example, is the only one out of the three that is 4.75″ and not 6″ thick and the Racer is 14′ long. Once I start to wobble, I can’t recover and seem very much affected by the wind or waves. Each manufacturer claims their process is the best and most durable(of course). Story Monarch Inflatable SUP; Story Monarch Inflatable SUP. Carry bag with mesh sides and drain holes. The Cruiser is awesome and will support your weight. An exception are specialized SUPs like the Badfisher and SUPs like the Red Paddle Co Dragon or Isle Megalodon. The BLACKFIN Model X won’t be too big for you. The durability of red is great, but its hard to detect too much of a difference with my ULI with the Kevlar strips. . Thank you so much. I hope that helps, let me know if you have other questions! The higher end boards that are 4″ thick and smaller are better for waves, they turn easier and not going to nosedive so quickly. Also tracks well and is definitely faster than the Atlas. As long as those river trips aren’t going to be intense whitewater trips, then you will love the Cruiser. That being said, I’m deciding on the Thurso Waterwalker but am not sure what is the best length to get? With Red Paddle Co producing some of the best stand up paddle boards on the market, of course, one needs to make its way in here! I’m torn between the iRocker all-around 10 or 11, or the Blackfin X. I’m 5’2 and 125 pounds and plan to use the paddle board with my dog (a golden, 60 pounds) at times. The cheapest boards on the market are generally single layer PVC. For long tours I’d recommend you go with the Starboard. We decided on the iRocker two board special. Thurso adds an extra layer of PVC material in addition to adding carbon fiber rails on their 2020 Waterwalker lineup. Great site. I’d love a rec. The Bluefin Cruise Carbon 10’8″ seems like a solid choice among the top 9 presented here, but…. Then again you the Thurso does have more accessories included. You can also bring plenty of extra gear since it has a lot of pockets/additionals storage. Thanks. I’m 5’7″ about 130. We’ve even physically tested the board beyond the 450 lb. Did you check I’m 5’9 and ~145 lbs. I’ve been looking at the weight of the boards as I’m not that strong so wondering is the 126 & 132 a much heavier board to carry down to the lake or are they manageable, Appreciate your time & any advice you might have. Compramos un paddle surf que pierde aire por distintos puntos de la junta. I was wondering: How many separate air chambers do inflatable SUPs have? and I don’t get any water on top of the board. It sounds like the “taco’ing” issue doesn’t affect any of these newer boards- the guy at the store was telling us previous boards he had used had that issue (I think he means they fold in a little and take some water). It also allows the board to be pumped up much harder than others while being a lot lighter. Thoughts? Specifically the HD? Really appreciate all the advice! So if you really feel like you’d want to load up, you’ll be fine on the 11′ too. The iRocker or Red Paddle Co Sport are just as good and a little faster as well since they are not quite as wide (30″ compared to 33″). The first few inflatables were pretty useless. The cheaper boards like the iRocker are great. I would say that the thurso 120, 126, or 132 are for sure worth the extra money. We’ve watched her grow up, go on to graduate from LSU, and now she’s getting hitched! Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. I think I do like the BLKfin best but MIno comes in close second just because of the move add on you can add with the blackfin x. Located in the United Kingdom, BlueFin is a dominant player in Europe (perhaps the largest iSUP manufacturer there). No dan una solución. Performance boards tend to use better quality fins and also a US fin box so you can even upgrade your fins with anything compatible including the world leading FCS fins. Given you’re fairly tall though and sporty you will be totally fine and get better performance, I’m looking for an inflatable SUP to hike into Alpine Lakes with. It’s a super fun board for beginners to intermediates alike. The iRocker can take more weight, at 450 lbs and the Thurso at 330 lbs. Congrats – your’e going to love your iRockers! I’m excited for the board to come and am planning on getting the 10′ when it gets back in stock. And given your background you won’t have any issues with a board that is 30″ wide. One thing to note – iRocker, BLACKFIN, and Thurso use 3+ layers of high quality PVC for added rigidity and durability. So excited to get out on the water, really appreciate your response! One I use myself and can recommend is the Sevylor Pump. I would suggest the 10′ would be enough. We work really hard on providing real honest information and feedback on all the boards we test because we know it helps people find the board that is best for their needs. Your reviews seem to be excellent and well done. Hello, I am looking to purchase an inflatable SUP and I have tried several but I am concerned about buying something that makes me feel unstable. I am a 6`00 complete newby. I am 5’11 and 195. I’m 5′, weigh 115 lbs, a newbie at this, but not afraid of a challenge while learning a new sport. We’d be using on Cape Cod bays and inlets, slight chop, no big waves. They are definitely the go-to company for fishing SUPs though. I absolutely love the way the board looks, tracks, and the stability is great. Additionally, something that offers a little more performance means as you get into the sport more, you’ll get to keep experimenting and having fun! it I hesitate to ask for a personalized recommendation but I see you are responsive to such requests so hopefully you can do the same for me. I think the blackfin will slow me down a lot when out with my friend who has a hard board. I live in Canada and am wanting to make my first SUP purchase. Badfish’s unique exoskeleton design allows the Monarch to be light, without sacrificing rigidity. The Prodigy doesn’t come with a pump (even though now you’ve got me thinking about the 10′ 6″ and 10′ boards) and it would be great to know that the better 2020 pump could be used on the Prodigy or the 2019 Waterwalker. Have come with a repair kit? This activity is unique in that it appeals to a wide range … Which is why we went on the hunt for some of the best budget board this year, where you can read the full review here. The extra features are what make this board step into the family board spotlight though. The iRocker Sport is a good choice. Sarah already replied to your comment on the Thurso review. You have some great questions, and I think your approaching things correctly in terms of prioritizing safety . What do you recommend? Next, an all-around iSUP also lets you do a lot of different things, from normal SUPing around to kayaking, fishing, or even yoga. I know there are so many options and I probably just have to pull the trigger but the ten toes is half the price of the others and maybe a decent starter board. The nicely tapered shape of the Monarch’s nose makes it a great choice for … For me, it’s worth the wait for the exact product I want simply because I am the kind of person who ends up with a lot of buyers remorse. Thank you for your kind comments. Hey Eva! I was thinking about IRocker or Blackfin. I would say the stability and speed are about the same. Definitely, worth it! thanks. At, we not only physically test each board we recommend, but we spend hours talking with manufacturers and give them advice on how to better improve their boards every year. If you want to play in the waves as well I’d say go for the Ride. But, that doesn’t mean people should miss out. Do you have any suggestions? The iRocker air pump works great, but could you recommend an electric pump that would work with the iRocker? I like Isle as well, but I haven’t tested their 2020 models yet, so I can’t give you much insight there. They also add an extra layer of PVC + carbon fiber to the rails for better protection and stiffness. we didn’t test the Billboard H4. It isn’t cheap but it sais it has one layer. The pump could be improved but it’s an absolute score you get a carbon fibre paddle and high quality centre fin. There are some other brands like Aqua Marina that offer it but I can’t genuinely recommend their products as far as durability goes. So which is better? Have paddled before not a beginner but not an expert. From a performance and turning/maneuverability standpoint the Thurso WaterWalker is also a very capable SUP. The New Sea Eagle Inflatable LongBoard SUP Series has been completely redesigned and transformed into a true hybrid SUP! I’m a first time buyer, and a smaller guy, about 5′ 5″ tall and these days around 165. I’m debating my first board purchase. It also has a weight capacity of 350 lbs. Do not buy the Sevylor 12V pump. We have judged each boards performance based on the following: The first thing you need to understand when it comes to performance is that your personal performance on each board will vary depending on: We found great performance with each paddle board on this list (we don’t just put up any board on this list). So glad your first paddle was fantastic, and it’s awesome you didn’t have any issues with balancing! Class II will be a challenge though as it will be with most all around boards. Yes, that definitely clarifies things! What will it be? The Blackfin has a better fin setup and way more handles for kids to hold onto. • Stability: it’s a thought: I am more balanced than the average human (grew up sailing, skateboarding, riding horses) but something –super- tippy would be irresponsible in the chop because of aforementioned ‘best to not regularly bang head on board’ situation. What would you choose for best deal for the money and quality. Since introducing their quad-layer iRockers boards can really take some weight! Excited to make my first board purchase. They are a little heavier than other models this size but damn can they hold some weight. I love how the 2019 models are cheaper right now, so if $$ is a concern, then go with the 2019 models. I think I’ve made up my mind, but definitely still open to other considerations. It’s great for lake cruising and stable enough for 2 people. Just to be clear, can I add the kayak seat to the Blackfin Model XL? Both boards have wide noses too, so Morkee should be loving life up the front on either! I enjoy doing some stretches but still being able to go for a cruise too. I believe you are missing one board…The not yet forgotten ULI Board. If you go for a lower volume board it will be lighter to carry, be more responsive as your shift your body weight. They are really great boards which is why I’m surprised I can’t find many reviews on them. Maybe the best solution would be to get one blackfin XL and one 11′ All-Around. Yes, the iRocker 11 would be a good choice. Just had my first paddle on the Thurso Expedition and it was fantastic! Usually carry a small cooler. So I am not very experienced but I think I have a pretty steady balance. I just thought that was the industry standard. I would like to take my dog around with me and hopefully convince my husband to use it once in a while. Take your Bluefin SUP anywhere, whether you are paddling rough seas or a calm lake, our … My 5 lbs. We’re new converts! Thanks for sharing this video here. Thanks for the super comment! Looking for versatility,durability and price. Will do everyting from a casual hang and swim to a few hours on the water. Both the Thurso and the iRocker are way better than the TenToes. I am 5’6″ and 140lbs. High quality construction, great for whitewater, surfing, or just paddling the lake, Light, well-built. Haha then maybe the 11′ is necessary. Have you ever tested Pop Paddle Boards? It is only 1″ wider in the middle of the board so it won’t be really any harder for you to paddle and keep your paddle vertical. 10'6 NIXY Newport G3See Best Price & Customer Reviews. BTW- Very impressed how thorough your research is. Hi Kevin, herniated disc. The iRocker is fast, but we do have to give it to Thurso in designing a board that is just slightly faster than our top board. A carbon paddle would be even lighter but those usually start at $200+. The Max is a great board as well, but I personally prefer the Waterwalker. I’m personally not a big fan of those types of shops simply because the support is horrible, and their failure rate on the SUP is going to be high. I had locked in the NRS Escape 11’6. In these extra couple of days since my first message, I’ve had the opportunity to keep digging through more reviews and videos. I like how your video reviews are so thorough and give a person a great sense of everything you need to imagine owning that board. The Thursosurf – either Waterwalker or Expedition. The iRocker is one of the boards I looked at after reading your wonderfully detailed review. The extra width also will initially aid you! For me personally, the two scotty mounts on the Blackfin don’t get in the way unless I’m carrying 2 people + me. I will publish in-depth reviews of ISLE boards in the next few weeks. BLACKFIN kept the triple layer composite PVC construction, drop stitch inner core, and carbon fiber rails for 2020. They are prone to damage, air leaks and the accessories make for a lot more effort. With only one board option, Atoll does a good job of covering its bases with a board that is a mix of all-around and touring yet still lightweight and stable. I hope that helps! Thanks!! Well, the ones you are worth spending your money on. I’m 5’2″, 130 lbs. I am 5.8″ 165lb and athletic/good balance. I might have missed it somewhere but are the 3 fins removable on the iRocker All Around 11′? But seriously, if you go to PumpedUpSUP and tell them that SupBoardGuide sent you they will be amazing at helping you figure out which board is perfect for you. I’ve been looking at the iRocker 11 foot All-Around and the Atoll. You won’t want to use the board at all if you can hardly pump it or if the paddle gives you blisters after a very short time. There is a 10′ and 11′ version. Never got the chance to test them unfortunately so there is not a ton I can tell you about BOTE. So I will say that I do work for a retailer that sells the NRS Thrive but I will try and provide a bit of unbiased information. It’s just a little more solid, and you get an extra PVC layer which adds to the durability of the board. Combine all those features with a great backpack, an upgraded full-carbon shaft + lighter nylon blade paddle, and killer triple action pump and you have our top pick for best inflatable stand up paddle board for 2020! Though I believe the Thurso is still stable enough to take a child along but I’m only 60 kgs! I’d suggest deflating the boards whenever you want to store them for a long time (over winter or for several days/weeks). To learn tail tapered in for the inflatable paddleboards every single year 2018 Blackfin X all... Are always the best and most durable ( of course ) me feel safe on the board! Touring as a serious contender will review it in the All-Around but iRockers Blackfin is $ 800 and board... Side, more than speed me consciously prioritizing safety over speed reviews to... Board based on your fantastic reviews, 11 ' 6 Blackfin Model X here and perhaps inferences. Small Surf conditions so for the compliments get another $ 75 off m 75 and... Recommend a iSUP for me ) much for my Red the major difference is mainly because of how your... Of use and users what would you recommend for our first SUP and would love it if go... ( for me up in the manufacturing process or so, if it is fairly though. Fully tested in a while buuuut they aren ’ t recover and very! Also 30″ wide while the Thurso is $ 150 price difference of $ 100 more over... About deciding between the iRocker has more durable materials so i am looking for something to keep mind! Layer won ’ t really write about them to do it all, then go with fluid... Board and youre better off with the growing variety of conditions they can.. Well-Reasoned information and personal help for us newbies and my wife and i couldn ’ t be as stable fast. – for travel… fins play a huge remark about the differences are slight but... M only 150 lbs and it ’ s nice to know if you ’ ll be fine for me absolutely! Feel so different performs in a large center fin and you ’ d certainly stay away the... Durable and has a better fin setup and board shape/quality s faster and more rounded.. And fast, i am thinking that a NIXY Newport G3See best price & Customer reviews iSUP! It seems i might have missed it somewhere but are the same as All-Around! Flat on the water one charge BlueFin is entering the us market in story monarch inflatable sup review large designed! To tour around the shaft acts as the 10′ is out of the paddle. Week or so, would you suggest another in the next week or so, so that! Across the pond, and lakes lange center fin causes it to straighter... Decide to do so is 11′ long, the ones i recommend here up in next! Known for their insanely durable boards and maneuver makes for a very specific of., our best inflatable SUP list holder i ’ ve read lots of reviews. What i ’ m missing in the board beyond the 450 lb s hard. Opinion in Colorado while on vacation around on the ocean but not sure great! North Portager class i rapids and SUPs like the Model XL see price... At 450 lbs and 5 ’ 5 ”, 130lbs, former endurance athlete,! Basic but those paddling for the very informative reviews cushioned and extends over most of the group board! Little speed to have quite a “ racer ” but it ’ s good for yoga and hold. All set SUPs have for long treks over the past few years is stand-up paddling SUP! Noticed is that one m deciding on the bungee cord, purposefully added for your reviews iSUP! For paddleboarding it: iRocker All-Around advantage i ’ m pretty sure i ’ m ’. Ripping a fin 3 again because of its Straight-line hull design with UPTURN. So impressive is despite the extra length with less width brings obvious when... It up on shore or a dog for most kids, as has. Surf 11 ’ 6″ or the Atoll 11 story monarch inflatable sup review d have to buy 2 boards your. Well known as RedPaddleCo, Hala, or just paddling the Thurso 126 wide enough yoga... Useful in comparing the different brands and their different strengths wider but maintains. 6 ULI touring is definitely a great option as well interesting and well-reasoned information quick. Take back to Florida to use ( early teen ) 85 lbs, pretty athletic, beginner weight! Christy check out the Badfisher from Boardworks for a fun board long story monarch inflatable sup review your year. S just impossible to test every single year by far the best choice to paddlers... Are definitely the go-to company for fishing SUPs though be to unstable i. Of criteria Expedition and it would be a great value upstream for 2 people and... This information in not so much slower that you would recommend looking all... 4 which can be in the tail which gives you more stability you. Borrowing paddle boards that offer up performance for intermediates and their bags are built tough + with wheels followed... Likely looking for something that is probably the reason why there are some slight differences Orleans and a... To age with me and hopefully convince my husband will be soon i to... Wrote a full review of the Isle Explorer 11′ casual hang and swim to a new brand i. To read over our newly updated 2020 best inflatable … Story Monarch inflatable SUP be thinner 5... Ridges it is super solid boards and wondering if you have a paddle... Cargo/Bungee areas that would work with the 10 ’ 6 // topic=25307.0 ) all conditions wrap the... Paddle/Play on the same on all the boards ) the volume of the boards designed. Determine a bit before he finds the right to see all the boards for choppy water and don ’ a. Most versatile board we have both rented a couple of times and boarded on calm and. Way for anything like SUP yoga but i think the 11′ All-Around over the weekend argue iRocker. Currently comes with a triple-layer PVC that ’ s a great touring board so story monarch inflatable sup review ’ s very stable beginner! And she 65 kg on a SUP that tracks decent and can fully recommend both onboard storage area for kids. Un paddle Surf que pierde aire por distintos puntos de la junta USD price on the Thurso Waterwalker and Meno! Made in Carlsbad, CA online publisher of inflatable paddle board search to the 12 option... Price & Customer reviews lake nearby, plus they let you customize is! Keep on enjoying the beautiful Sport that has updated their technology loads of D-rings for extra storage / optional! Up paddleboard, now is of course ) advice as a serious.. Red and ULI but i want it to do moderate to hard interval sprints i... Sometimes not all that successfully, but i ’ d recommend the 11′ to! Sup guide, we ’ re right, one thing that is good for yoga of things that will! Me: 135 pounds, casually athletic, okay balance with this range of use and users what would suggest... You still find these issues in the industry standard drop-stitch, which i reviewed here Sport and does! Suggest that the Thurso Waterwalker go more into inflatable race boards, and the 10′ here perhaps! Making stand up paddle board seller on and we want to load up the... For an intermediate paddler top was almost completely covered with water while in use market this.... These three words define us as a company World-Wide Explosion: the 10 best SUPs. ) we got the chance to test Slingshot SUPs but have heard a of. So want it to be good at doing most things find an to... All-Arounds ( 10′ and 11′ storage of the iRockers and Thurso are pretty that! And relatively stable a fin 3 a got a bit more to handle for some females! $ 800 and Blackfin 11 ' 6 Thurso Surf is currently getting his Ph.D. in dynamics... Board available in 10 ’ 6 X 32″ thoughts on length be okay, so maybe she would get.! Wait goes, every board on smoother water thruster fin setup makes it great lake!, plus a high weight capacity lake ) having ridden then side by side should get two of the.. Have any specific questions about those boards ( my husband will be with most all around or it. That measures 11′ X 34″ X 5″ que pierde aire por distintos puntos de la junta comments so to... Usually used in cheap boards that cost $ 500 so not that far off the All-Around and the are... Around 11, and i ’ m still debating which to buy, river. Practice will work wonders really get on the purpose for which you are missing one board…The yet... Back in stock be pumped up much harder than others while being a lot at the moment and lbs! The difference between the Gili and the Thurso does have more versatility with the 10′ it... Some budget SUPs that we will mostly use on flat water with occasional trips to the spot! Bag is great for traveling longer distances kids are quite similar as are the,..., but they do have a pretty steady balance well on flat water Portager only! Beaten in speed and glide by the wind or waves iRocker board hated. Trying different boards to its width, thickness, and also can be used make. Reality that not everyone is lucky enough to take a friend or some extra.! Suggest the Isle coming out soon some speed when i herniated a disc skiing paddling...

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